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A few kind words from valued private, public, and nonprofit sector clients who trust Valley Pike Partners.

"I want to express my utmost admiration and appreciation for the talented project management, writing, and subject matter expertise Carrie and Valley Pike Partners bring to the table in the field of economic development and complex marketing and communication projects.

Working with Valley Pike Partners has been an absolute delight. Carrie's dedication, professionalism, and attention to detail are commendable, and she has a knack for seamlessly handling even the most intricate projects, ensuring every aspect is executed flawlessly and thoughtfully."

- Creative Design & Marketing Collaborator

"I have worked with Carrie for more than 10 years, as a community partner and more recently as a client, and I highly recommend Valley Pike Partners. Carrie is a natural connector, and brings her network and extensive experience in Virginia to help solve problems. She's a great listener and an innovative thinker, with a knack for translating a vision into practical, achievable actions. Plus, importantly, she's so easy to work with-- always professional and positive."

- Nonprofit Executive

"Valley Pike Partners is an absolute pleasure to work with, and has been instrumental in the production of our past three Annual Reports. From data collection to copywriting to vetting graphic designers and beyond, Carrie guides the project through to completion each year and is always coming up with ways for us to improve our final product."

- Local Economic Development Director

"In an increasingly global business environment, where companies are looking for new operating markets in states and localities where they previously haven’t been, it is absolutely vital for those companies to have somebody on the ground who understands how to pitch your value proposition to the communities you are trying to enter.  Carrie and VPP have been critical to our organization’s efforts to navigate the unique economic development, political and communications landscapes in the Shenandoah Valley and Virginia.  For our project, VPP led on site selection, community and political relations, strategic counsel, partnership development, RFA response writing and overall project management.  Carrie is a natural leader who also does a great job of diplomatically managing a variety of consultants and external stakeholders who are involved in complex projects. If a business is looking to enter Virginia or grow their already existing footprint in the commonwealth, VPP is as valuable a partner as they will be able to find."

- Consumer Products Industry Partner

"On multiple occasions, we have retained VPP to take on corporate projects. Carrie’s thorough, common sense approach to our concepts has consistently resulted in a streamlined process of precise questions, targeted research, strategy development, and focused product for our review. Her willingness to make multiple revisions, understand and re-state questions, and deal with our very diverse team on all input sets her apart with her insight and thoughtfulness. Carrie’s completed projects always exceed our expectations, and her gift of finding the perfect message is something we value and admire."

- Transportation Industry Partner

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